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Mitchell Report Names Clemens.

Posted by americandust on December 13, 2007

  The Mitchel report will name Roger Clemens later today.

Here’s the problem, ESPN has already set about trying to discredit George Mitchell.  A former Senate Majority leader has to sit there and hear washed-up sports players criticize his ethics.  I’m a Republican and I respect Mitchell, why can’t ESPN.  ESPN is making excuses because they have a multi-million dollar deal to broadcast MLB games.  Simply put, ESPN can’t afford to let MLB take the full hit they deserve today.

So expect ESPN to question Mitchell, question his evidence, and try to win the court of public opinion over.  This is EXACTLY what ESPN did about Barry Bonds.  They were all against Bonds till Bonds signed on to do a reality show.  Then all of a sudden everyone on the ESPN TV (not the radio, the radio was pretty fair) couldn’t help but say “nothing’s been proven”  and “where’s the evidence” everytime despite the point-blank evidence sitting out there.  Then it became “well everyone does it.”

ESPN:  The steroid/HGH apologist network.

One Response to “Mitchell Report Names Clemens.”

  1. And everywhere Roger goes Andy Pettit goes too.

    Pettit is named also.

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