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Mitchell Report is MLB Coverup

Posted by americandust on December 13, 2007

  Imagine that, the Mitchell report has instructed MLB to do NOTHING about any of the names they have found to use ‘roids and HGH.  Well, isn’t it nice we bothered to look into it?

 ESPN is quick to help soften the blame.  As soon as they cut from a list of players named ESPN decides to read “viewer e-mails” or more correctly, ONE viewer email.  That email said “Clemens had to face juiced up batters, therefore he had to keep up.”  That’s it.  No more emails read.  Just one, pathetic, Clemens-backing email.  Then the announcer says “well two wrongs don’t make a right.”  Next ESPN jumps immediately to criticizing the report.  For a long time… they point out the questionable sources, they point out that everyone does it, they point out that the people who talked did so to cover their butt.

ESPN is co-partner in crime to cover up the MLB’s mess.

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