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New Idiot to Ignore… Joe Perez

Posted by americandust on December 12, 2007

Well Joe Perez, of Joe’s Debt has stumbled into this place to rudely cuss everyone out. 

 Don’t you and Allan realize that you are both hurting your own cause?  Why would anyone take such foul-mouthed, spite-filled losers who made such bad choices seriously?

 Your cause would be better off if you both stepped aside and let more likeable people take over your movement.  It’s hard to feel sorry for idiots.  Put an average person who’s struggling to pay back their student loans forward, someone who didn’t follow a foolish child’s dream or someone who didn’t quit his job because he was so full of himself he thought he’d quickly find a better paying one.

Seriously, you are killing your own movement.  Step aside, find a hardworking teacher or doctor who is seriously struggling.  Better yet, find someone who can handle a little negative press without calling everyone names and cussing.

You are part of the problem.

4 Responses to “New Idiot to Ignore… Joe Perez”

  1. Joe Perez said

    And the title of your website is awful.

    build a rocket and shoot yourself to the moon

  2. Hahaha…. “build a rocket and shoot yourself to the moon”

    How will I ever come back from that devestating comment? Seriously, you sould like a 5th grader! How could anyone take you seriously? Oh wait, nobody does.

    But hey, I think I know an out of work engeneer that needs a job. No, wait, I think he’d rather do nothing and have his special interest PAC make him money.

  3. TStevens said

    Wow, that guy is a real douche. You should start removing his comments. When did America turn into such a bunch of whiny babies? I don’t own a Mercedes because I can’t afford one, I went to state school because I knew I couldn’t afford Michigan U where I really wanted to go. Now I am working because I knew I couldn’t afford to go right to grad school, and yeah I am paying back loans, why? Because I signed something saying that I agreed to!

    This is so sickening that these whiny babies can’t see that THEY are the ones that are taking advantage of others. Someone was kind enough to loan you money to pay for your school tuition, and you are screwing them over.

  4. You know, there used to be a time in America where a handshake meant a deal was sealed.
    Then there was a time where we had to draw up contracts to seal the deal.

    Now we have a culture where a contract means nothing. Recently I sold a house to a single mom (with a boyfriend to move in-I think it was to ensure child support was still being paid). She wanted to get a government subsidized loan to save 1% in interest, but the gov’t loan required some small things done to the house before they’d let it go through. We had to cut down a tree (total expense $1500) and put up a handrail on some steps (total expense $75) and do some other small stuff ($100). We decided to split the expenses and go through it together.
    Then a few days before closing, the woman had one of her dad’s friends come by and look at the house, this was of course out of the week you have to have any inspections done. He looked at the front porch, decided it looked funny, then through his beer can in the bushes (yes, he was drinking) and the woman decided she wanted out. I reminded her she had a contract and could have had it inspected by a professional in the first week. She got all mad about my insisting she had to follow the contract, she cussed, she left.
    I let her out of the contract less then a week later when a family decided they were wanted the house. The woman still acted bitchy when the realtor had to get her to sign a paper releasing her from the contract!

    I don’t think the Sports system we have in America has helped. Everyday you hear of people who signed contracts and bolted with no punishment. Look at the coaches who flee their college teams to make big bucks in the NFL, then quickly high tail it back to a different college with deeper pockets.

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