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Same old idiot to Laugh at… Allan Collinge

Posted by americandust on December 11, 2007

  Seems Allan is still doing his thing–bitching and moaning about his troubles.  I wonder how much money he plans on making through his little not-quite-non-profit.  I guess some people will do anything to be not-quite-famous.

  Just so you guys know, Allan has tried to contact me to ask me to post my name and email address.  Yeah, that’s gonna happen, I give out my contact info to people that cuss me out all the time (idiot!).  See, from your actions in response to my post I can simply write you off as an uneducated ass (which makes me wonder what you were doing at University all those years–you obviously weren’t taking any personal economics courses).  At the same time I get about 80 spam postings a day from members of his organization.  Thankfully WordPress has some nice tools to block that! 

 I appreciate everyone who goes around posting links to this blog (or at least my first post where I tell Allan’s story as it should be read).  Keep up the good work!

3 Responses to “Same old idiot to Laugh at… Allan Collinge”

  1. Joe Perez said


    How about getting off your ass and designing a real site wordpress boy!!!!

  2. If only I knew an out-of-work guy with lots of debt who now designs webpages because that’s easy money to hide from their bill collectors.

    Oh wait… I know one!

  3. Joe Perez said

    full time job as a web designer mang

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