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New Idiot to Laugh At… Alan Collinge

Posted by americandust on November 29, 2007

(This is simply a re-post of an article that started a bit of excitement around here, I thought maybe all these new people coming here after googling his name would want to read this first).

So due to a recent discussion on something political, I was informed about a Political Action Comittee (you know, the evil special interest we’re always hearing about) called “student loan justice.”  So I researched it’s founder, Alan Collinge.  I read his story online somewhere and basically, well, Mr. Collinge, you’re an idiot.

Collinge borrowed $38,000 for school at USC (the first warning sign is that he went to USC).  Anyway, he gets out of college and immediately falls for the old “consolidate your debt” thinking this will improve his student loan debt situation.  Hello… paying back smaller amounts over longer times will only cost you more in the long run (slight exception where the loan’s interest rate is drastically smaller– IF they don’t charge an arm and a leg for the consolidation).  So he’s already cost himself significantly more in interest payments.  Next, the genius goes on to say he didn’t understand Sallie Mae was in this business to make money!  I guess he thought it was ran by the government to help people… so basically it’s his fault again for not knowing something a quick google or turning on his radio to any of the financial programs would have solved.  But his story continues…  He misses a payment one month and doesn’t really worry about what kind of punishment he would have (didn’t he read the contract he signed?  Nope… I’m sure he didnt’).  Then it takes 6 months (six!) of bills before he notices he’s being charge a late fee for that month!  Six times a bill comes in higher then usual and he doesn’t notice (okay, we can add truthfullness to the list of things Mr. Collings isn’t so good with).  Then he tells us he left his then current job to find a higher paying job.  He left his job just assuming he’d get hired somewhere else and make more money?  Once again, I’m not sure we’re getting the truth… maybe he was fired.  I hope he was fired, because if you’re dumb enough to leave you job just thinking you’ll find a better paying one without having a new job lined up, well, I hope you’re not doing any work that involves reasoning.  He then bounces around from state to state… once again you have to wonder how his finances took that.  He claims he applied for a deferment and didn’t get it (most people do not so he had to know that was a longshot).  So of course all this time the back-interest, fees, and any other missed payments are adding up…. quick.  All according to the contract he never bother reading.  Then he can’t understand why the company won’t release him from the extra debt he negligently took on while trying to weasle out of his commitment.  Better yet, he then tries to enter the world of defence contracter businesses, but isn’t aware that he’ll get nowhere (just like military clearance, if you’re in huge debt you are considered a threat to be easily bribed and thus a risk they will not take).   Then of course he tries to turn to the classic escape plan of those foolish or evil with their money… bankruptcy.  The plan B (actually, who are we kidding, plan A) of deadbeats.  “Why can’t I get what I want and screw everyone else out of what they’re entitled to?”  This is where it gets good… he apparently didn’t know that you can’t lose student loan debt through Bankruptcy!!!  Then he blames that fact on Sallie Mae’s lobbying efforts.  It’s been like that for a long time, if you didn’t know.  It’s that way for a reason, if they let you default and get away with sticking it to the loaner, then everyone would do that and there would be no student loans at all.  Then of course, rather than face up to his own horrible and dishonest (yes, it is dishonest to try to weasle out of a contract or escape fullfillment of your financial duties) efforts, he blames the system, starts a PAC and tries to blame it all on the high salaries of the exectutives that run the program he tried to screw.  Seriously… you’re an idiot. Or worse, you’re a con-man.  The difference between you and a theif who breaks in at night to steal is that the theif doesn’t try to get others to feel sorry for him.

14 Responses to “New Idiot to Laugh At… Alan Collinge”

  1. gradgirl24 said

    Yayyyy! I’m so excited i get to be the first to comment this wonderful post. I truly appreciate anyone who exposes Alan Collinge as the deadbeat he is. I’ve written plenty in the last posting of it so i will refrain from adding more here. Just wanted to post a couple recent deadbeat sites to add to the list. The latest on the scene is some douche from Rhode Island named Joe Perez who has made his very own beggars website to get people to donate to his cause. Check it out at JoesDebt . The only reason i post this pathetic attempt on his part is because i know that nobody with a brain will give him a dime. His story is almost as bad as Alan Collinge who didn’t have a single health issue, he just didn’t feel like working. If you want to see Joe get worked over a little, check out this link that he posted on a website called . If he went here looking for sympathy and handouts, he made yet another poor decision with his life. Haha, it is nice to see that there are more people who respect personal responsibility than there are people who want to panhandle and beg when they make horrible choices in life. So for all you out there who think people like Alan and Joe are pathetic, keep up the good work exposing them for the losers they truly are.

  2. gradgirl24 said

    ug, sorry but the link got messed up…..don’t want you to miss out:

  3. GradGirl24 said

    Bummer, you pulled my comment about that Joe Perez guy, I really wish you and everyone else would read the comments as they really drive home the point of personal responsibility. I wasn’t trying to pimp any site and certainly wasn’t trying to help out that loser who is begging for money to fund his own poor choices and failure, I just really like to see the other side to the story. Alan Collinge and Joe Perez get the most bogus one-sided coverage in the media, while anyone who would like to voice their opinions are left with no outlet. I applaude you for giving us somewhere to sound off and hope you will post some of your own thoughts on Joe Perez and Alan.

  4. You know, if Joe was just asking for money and came right out and said “I was stupid, I borrowed too much then tried not to pay it back” I would have donated a little to him for the kick of it. Something like $5. However, he just whines.

    I like how he said:
    “I claimed bankruptcy to rid myself of the remaining medical bills, but because of laws recently enacted by congress favoring the private banking industry, my student loans remained and continue to grow due to high interest rates.”

    Uh, excuse me Joe, but you have NEVER been able to wipe away student loans with bankruptcy. See, that’s where the politics comes in on this. The political party that preaches personal financial accountability (the Republicans) changed the rules to limit OTHER things bankruptcy can wipe away. However, student loans were already protected from this. The difference is that if you wipe away $10,000 to a credit card the credit card company will survive and nobody will be spurred on to run up $10,000 and wipe it way. However, if you let a few college students wipe off $120,000 then word will get around and nobody will ever pay back a student loan again. The entire system will collapse and college will become the exclusive playground of the super-rich. See, Democrats have taken to this to recruit their new base (Fresh disallusioned college students that get their news from the Daily Show and Colbert Report). So Dems are raising hell because in the last few years the student loan company has been supporting Republicans that won’t vote to kill the entire student-loan industry as it does serve a vital need.

    In the end, don’t borrow more then you can afford to pay back. Honor your word, pay back what you borrow. And for god’s sake, scale back. You don’t have to go to the most expensive school for undergrad. You don’t have to live a lavish lifestyle while in college, you’re supposed to be eating ramen noodles, you’re in college.

  5. Hey gradgirl, I didn’t pull your comments, for anti-spamming purposes I have to check and approve comments till the heat dies down on studentloanjustice jerks trying to post spam on my comments. Therefor it might take a while before the comments are posted. This is especially true on weekends as I don’t log on much then.
    Anyway, keep contributing to this blog please.

  6. Joe Perez said

    Hey Gradgirl,

    60% of american house holds are in debt.

    I guess they’re all losers too.

    You’re like that little kid in the background that yells, ” YEAH, what he said”.

    How about coming up solutions, instead of kicking a dead horse?

    People like you make me sick. Un-creative, pack-herd followers that do absolutely nothing except pile on the negatives.

    I guess feel good underdog movies wouldn’t be just that without the NEG heads always doubting everything.


  7. Gradgirl24 said

    Hahaha, I love that the same guy who is begging for money because he made a stupid choice and doesn’t want to pay back his debt is calling me names. Laughable…..truly hilarious. You were torn apart on LibertyPost so I will refrain from piling on your pathetic situation here…..but for you to call anyone out after you put up that site where you whine, bitch, moan, and beg for money because somehow you feel wronged is about as bad as it gets. You, Joe Perez, are the reason why this country is going in the shitter, because you f-up your life and then want everyone else to bail you out. How about YOU figure out a way that doesn’t involve having other people pay your debt and then write your own underdog movie. Rudy didn’t go around crying to everyone about not playing for Notre Dame, he worked his ass off and beat the odds on his own. Something you obviously will never be able to accomplish yourself. So go beg somemore, douche-bag.

  8. Gradgirl24 said

    oh yeah, by the way, just made a payment on my student loans. That’s right Joe, I borrowed money, went to school, received my degree, worked my ass off, got a job, and now I make a monthly payment to a student loan company even though i don’t want to.
    Just so you don’t think i’m some ill-informed chick who you can push around, Pasadena is one of the nicest areas in the Los Angeles area, you could have lived 10 miles west in a little town called Tujunga where you would have paid a fraction of the rent. I’m sure you are now back in Providence, no doubt living on the East Side in a beautiful apartment begging for money online instead of living in Federal Hill or off Broadway where once again you could save some money and pay off your debt instead of begging. So while you are sucking down an over-priced Cosmo at Al Forno while others are at work, why don’t you think over the fact that you made some shitty choices and the only way to make it right it to get a job and pay back what you owe.

  9. Joe Perez said

    I’m paying back my loans also — I’m not arguing about not paying it back you stupid self righteous republican asshole.

    I am paying back far what I took out, I just want to see the same types of consumer protections that you enjoy on your big fat republican CHARGE CARDS brought back to private student loans.

    Ya, you never lived in LA — 10 miles in LA add up on gas miss self right.

    I did make some shity choices — but the choice you make to bash people is far worse than the choices i have made in my life, you are a disgusting human being. Incapable of anything except negative thought.

  10. Joe Perez said


    Look at the mortgage industry — I guess all those people foreclosing made bad choices too…

    yes, they did — but those greedy bastard mortgage brokers didn’t have to lend to everyone with a pulse…

    there are two sides you, you just too narrow minded to reason with… you and our president.


  11. Joe Perez said

    where am i begging for money on my site? Im not — I am spreading awareness… I’m trying to help kids.

    I’ve gotten hundreds of emails from college students in support for the movement.. What are you doing? sitting on your fat ass, kicking a kid already down.. GOLF CLAP TO YOU MISSY…. Aren’t you the true hero here… yes, you are.. TAKE A BOW.


  12. Joe Perez said


  13. Gradgirl24 said

    Awwww, did I bum you out Joe? Never voted Republican in my entire life. Lived in Los Angeles and Providence.
    Who is this US you refer to? I highly doubt you speak for anyone but yourself. I’m not lecturing anyone else, i’m giving you a good piece of advice. Learn your lesson, take responsibility, and move on.
    You have since changed your site a little, but you used to have a big green button to donate to your debt…..I guess it is gone, but you still are begging for donations, for what i don’t quite know. Just pay back your loan and stop whining like the little bitch that you are. $144.50…bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…..loser.

  14. Joe Perez said


    I am paying back my loan…

    and I put the button up there to get people talking — looks like i succeeded.

    I feel bad for your kids. You truely are a lifeless bitch.

    Just because you never voted republican doesn’t make you a democrat.

    I think you need to go to anger management, or GET LAID!


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