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Posted by americandust on October 24, 2007

  Okay, I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated this.  I was running another blog on soccer and coaching soccer so I hadn’t had much time.  However, it’s amazing to me how the post about the student loan idiot keeps getting comments from out of no-where.  I’ve had a few emailed to me so I can’t post them out of respect for their privacy, but there’s a few up on the blog now.  It amazes me that the guy actually emailed me, which totally tells me he googles himself regularily to see his name on the net–needy, isn’t he?


4 Responses to “Update”

  1. Hi Matt

    You look like a nice kid. And with all your education, I’m sure you’re smart too.

    Maybe you’ve funded part of your education with student loans.

    Hope you never get sick, lose your job or can’t keep up for any other reason.

    I will then be sitting by the riverbank having a laugh with sallie mae’s buzzards circle round.

  2. Actually I think you’ve made a couple of mistakes here. I’m not Matt. I have a link to his page as he’s a friend and used to put up a nice slice-of-life style blog about what’s going on (he’s too busy to update now).
    I however, do have health insurance (one perk to my job is excellent benifits), and emergency fund, and life insurance to provide for my wife and kid. These are all things a proper adult does to ensure they don’t wind up in a disaster. See, certain people think simply declaring bankruptcy and cheating others out of money you owe them is a back-up plan.

  3. gradgirl24 said

    Hahahaha. Americandust, I check that post on a daily basis to see what other people think about Alan Collinge. I mean it’s amazing to me that this guy gets quoted in real newspapers about any subject, let alone student loans. It’s like having an alcoholic preach about prohibition. I have to say, there is very little negative press about this deadbeat, and as soon as some comes up, he has a band of yahoo groupie’s email the hell out of them in a pathetic attempt to silence their thoughts.
    This seems to be the one place where people who collectively hate that douche-bag Alan and his group at SLJ can come and get a good laugh.
    I’m with you when it comes to having a plan other than bankruptcy. I have to admit at one point in my college career I fully intended to never pay back my loans thinking bankruptcy would be so much easier, but alas I decided to grow up, get a job, live a more respectable life and pay back my obligations. I would have loved to quit, move to Alaska, do fuck-all for a few years, and weasel out of obligations and responsiblity. I guess only a lucky few like Al can pull that one off.
    So I hope you find time to post every now and again, you are currently ranked 6th on Google for Alan Collinge, which I find so refreshing and absolutely hilarious. So please keep up the good work and thanks for giving us the other side of the story.

  4. My favorite was how this guy the media thinks is worth quoting can only offer a little cussing-storm of a post in reply once his life story is seen through less then a positive light!

    Also, you just know he found me by googling himself. What an arrogant jerk.

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