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Does Obama’s foot taste as good as he looks?

Posted by americandust on May 9, 2007

  So Obama put his golden foot into his mouth recently.  He claimed the tornado in Kansas killed 10,000.  I’m sure it was just a slip of his silver-tongue.  However, it does show the anxious nature of Dems to blame President Bush anytime there’s a disaster and the government isn’t able to rush in to save the day.  You have to remember that to liberals there is no problem that can’t be solved by a massive government effort.  The government is the be-all, save-all.  Sort of what churches used to be (in all aspects to a liberal).

Just like hurricane Katrina.  An area the size of Maine got destoryed and we’re led by the allmighty media to think it’s Bush’s fault the US couldn’t deal with it.  Seriously, was there ever a US catastrophe of that size…No.  Should the govenment been prepared for a catastrophe of that size… No.  To think anything less is to be stupid.  Now as for Kansas, it seems the governor there is taking a page out of La. Gov. Blanco’s book… blame the President and pass the buck.  What that town needs is for good, decent people of the nearby towns to pitch in and help in the relief.  Exactly what would have been done in the America of the past.  If you’re within two hours driving distance after the storm clears you should be there helping in any way… the local officials should be organizing your efforts to make sure you are helping, but you should be offering any family members or friends what they need.  By the time the government trucks roll in the city should be clear of people.

Let’s hope that none of the families have State Farm insurance.


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