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CD REVIEW: Travis, The Boy With No Name

Posted by americandust on May 9, 2007

  Okay, been awhile since I’ve reviewed a CD, so here goes…

Travis (the Scottish pop band best known for their VH1 hit single “Why Does It Always Rain On Me” in the late 90’s) are back with a new album.  It actually ranks up there with “The Man Who” for their best.  The last couple albums from them were little more then two singles and some filler material.  This album is different… I think they really benifited from taking three years off, it gave Fran (singer-songwriter) something to say.  You can tell the last album was just a throwaway based around his anti-Blair politics.  This time, we get what we deserve–sensitive guy rock.

Highlights include the opening track “3 Times and You Lose” which is a bit of slag on small town living, but overcomes that.  “Selfish Jean” is the foot-tapper of the bunch.  It sounds familiar, but not stolen.  Also features some of Fran’s best vocal range work.  “Closer” is the first single (and the video features Ben Stiller) and is probably the most similar to Travis’ sound from the past.  You could slip it comfortably onto “The Man Who” and nobody will notice.  However, it is one of those songs that sound incredibly better when blasted (I mean BLASTED) through headphones or your car stereo. “Big Chair” and “Battleship” are both nice melodies and pretty little things.  “Colder” is a really good song that sounds like it’s destined for a movie soundtrack or TV show Theme.   “New Amsterdam” might be the best track of all… a little hard to follow, but leaves you thinking positively on the past glories of off-beat New York City (Think Ryan Adams’ song New York, New York if it was more melodic and calming).  The hidden track attatched to it is particularily Travis sounding and excellent also.

I’d give Travis:  “The Boy With No Name” a 9 out of 10.

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  1. […] the release of their sixth album by then, and could probably do with all the press they can get – Selfish Jean didn’t exactly set the world alight, did […]

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