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Viva La France!

Posted by americandust on May 8, 2007

  Yeah!  Another election and another conservative wins!  Sarkozy’s AMAZING victory saves France and pulls it from the list of places I will NEVER visit (see below to see list of places I won’t visit).  This article explains how Sarkozy did surprisingly well in places he shouldn’t.

How funny is it that here in America you have a growing group who want to socialize (specifically by giving everyone socialized health-care) while the rest of the world have realized that socialism is killing them (see Germany’s recent election, plus now France, and the growing mood of the English).

List of places I won’t go…  1)Iran  2)Russia  3) San Francisco  4)Bed Bath and Beyond

One Response to “Viva La France!”

  1. What’s with the inclusion of Bed, Bath, and Beyond? It’s a great store…and have you ever really been to the “beyond” section? It’s mind boggling! Stephen Hawkins loves the “beyond” section.

    How about adding Walmart to that list?

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