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The Dem’s Obama Problem

Posted by americandust on May 8, 2007

The Democratic Party has a growing problem:  Barrack Obama.  Obama is the darling because he is a “fresh face,” an unknown who doesn’t carry the same baggage of being a national figure that the would-be frontrunners carry.  Oh yeah, as Howard Dean how well that turned out for him.  Get a second opinion from Lamar Alexander.  Okay, Obama is young and supposedly attractive.  How’d that work out for Edwards?

There’s obviously nothing fresh to his policies (same old liberal retread– Abortion, Socialized Medicine, Affirmative Action, anti-gun, higher taxes, abortions for teens without notifying their parents, wouldn’t vote to keep pornographic stores and strip clubs 1,000 feet from schools or churches, wanted to allow suspended students to simply switch schools to avoide suspensions for major offenses, opposed treating the shooting of guns on school grounds by teens as an adults crime, opposed legislation making it a criminal offense for conviceted gangsters from associating with known gangsters).  Obama is a typical bleeding heart liberal.  I don’t even have to go into his affiliation with a questionable church.

The problem is this:  Obama can’t win a fall election.  The second problem is this:  If Obama doesn’t win the nomination, his supporters will be devestated.  The “audacity of hope” he inspires will quickly disappear into meloncholy for whoever the dem’s nom is.  African-Americans might not be as forgiving to whoever beats Obama as they were all thsoe times Jesse Jackson lost (because they knew he wasn’t electable, but this time Obama SEEMS to be).  If African-Americans stay home the dem’s don’t have a chance on election day.  The third problem is Obam has the VP nomination locked up–if he want it.  If he doesn’t take it, then whoever they add will be a disappointment to most (most liberals who arent’ comfortable with his lightweight status say things like “he’ll be good in a few years”).  Next, if he is on the ballot we’ll get a classic “I wish the Veep was on the top of the ticket” theme… ask Lloyd Benson fans about that.  Either way, Obama is an problem waiting to happen for the dems.

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