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The New “Time”…

Posted by americandust on April 3, 2007

The new Time magazine is, well, the same old Time magazine.

So I made the mistake of thumbing through a TIME magazine the other day, and of course it was nice to see they’ve taken time away from their liberal political agenda to promote, well, a liberal social-political agenda.  This was the “Global Warming’s Gonna Getcha” issue.  After thumbing through their suggestions on what we can do to stop something that we have no control over, I noticed a few things.  First of all, you just know it killed Time to have to wait to put their true desire in the list… TAX THE HELL OUT OF BUSINESS.  That’s what they really want to do.  However, for false apperances sake (which should be the name of a new Al Gore biography) they had to wait until #5 to do that! Promoting vegitarianism had to wait till #22, more gov’t regulation of cars is #23, promotion of Kyoto treaty is #38, “Pay for your carbon sins” (actual quote) #42, Leave America is #43 (seriously they’re promoting moving to London’s Green Zone, getting the power industry is #49 (and sort of #19 also).

Careful “TIME,” you’re almost letting it slip what the real motive of Global Warming Alarmists is…. hurt business!

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