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I’m More Green Than You

Posted by americandust on April 3, 2007

I’m more green than you… and I think the whole thing’s bull$hit.

Yep, while the alarmists are yelling and screaming at people like me who realize that humans have very little control over the sun’s rays that are warming up every planet in the solar system, I’m actually doing many of the things they want people like me to do. In fact, I’m probably more “green” than they are. Let me explain…

I live in a 3,000 square foot house… (much smaller than Al Gore or John Edwards) but don’t fret yet. Unlike Mr. Edwards, I didn’t build my house, I bought a 35 year old house (recycling?). The house also has geothermal heating and cooling (in fact, my energy bill is half of what it was in my old house that was half the size of my new house). However, saving on energy bills is nothing new to me. At my old house I had a GIANT tree next to the house (and when I say “next too” I mean “it destroyed my gutter as it grew into the house”). I left it up while I lived there (the house is being sold and the tree had to go) and it kept the (whole) house shaded during the summer.

I do not own an SUV. I put around in a Saturn SC1 (built within 250 miles of my house) and a Ford Focus. Both my wife and I do have to drive a lot for work, but at least it’s in fuel-efficient cars.

I use those funky little florescent light bulbs in the rooms of my house I don’t use much (the light makes white things appear a kind of urine soaked yellowish-green color). Now that you can buy a six pack for less than twice the price of normal bulbs it’s not that painful since they last longer (the reason I bought them). I go around the house turning lights off when my wife leaves them on. I grow vegitables and herbs to supplement our food bought at a local grociery store. I currently sit out containers to collect rainwater to use in my garden (I heard once that this helped the roots because tap-water insures shorter roots and less-hardy plants). However, as my son gets older I will probably have to quit this because it could be a drowning hazard. I have a clothesline and use it for things like sheets (it makes them smell nice). I wear clothes I’ve owned for years (more of a comfort thing). I do all my paper writing and revisions on the computer (I almost never proofread on actual paper). I don’t eat a lot of beef… some, but not a lot. I throw all my white paper in the recycling bin at work. I reuse bags (or more often boxes) to bring groceries home. I also reuse tomato boxes (nothing is better for moving, seriously they’re sturdy as hell and they have handles built right in!) for about a hundred things. I eat a lot of food that comes from the region (but that’s easy when you live in the midwest ). I plant lots of bushes. I have a LED light Christmas tree we used this year. The year before I had a live tree… a live tree with a rootball and then I planted it in the yard after christmas (but I did this because it was my kid’s first christmas tree and wanted to keep it forever). I could go on, but leaving the computer on is using up energy, energy I’m paying for.

So I do my part… but not for the reasons you want me to. It doesn’t matter to the alarmists because I am not big business, I am not their real target. I live my life more green then thehypocrits but you have to realize what they really want to do… promote socialism through the taxing and governmental control of business.

2 Responses to “I’m More Green Than You”

  1. Livette said

    Nice blog!

  2. Brovo! Well said!

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