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O’ Captain, My Captain

Posted by americandust on March 8, 2007

  You’ve probably seen the news (everywhere)…. Captain America Is DEAD.  Taken down by a normal man with a gun.  In all honestly, there are some of us who thought Captain was dead about a year ago when he flew off the handle in the books and resorted to criminal activity in order to oppose a law he didn’t like (the registration of all super-powered heroes).  In the end of Marvel’s “Civil War” he realized the majority of the public supported the law and he backed down.  Only to be shot on his way to trial.

What amazes me is how people have reacted in the news and such.  My son dressed as Captain America for halloween (his first halloween by the way) and I noticed nobody, I mean nobody knew much about Captain America.  I overheard my wife inform my cousins that the funny wings on his mask were to help him fly!!!!  We had much discussion at my house about that later.   In the end, we wound up calling all our friends and family members under 35 and asked them if Captain America could fly or not.  Only Matt Gunterman guessed he couldn’t.  I wonder if the public will know who he is now…

I guess the reason this story became news (and props for Marvel for not publicizing this for months like a certain company did with Superman) was that he’s the embodiment of America.  It’s funny… depending on who’s writing him he’s either very conservative or very liberal and for the last year both camps have been fighting over him on the online discussion forms.  Just a little slice of America, I guess.


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