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Live Earth Update

Posted by americandust on February 26, 2007

   I noticed on the “official” release form that Oasis are NOT listed as bands participating in Al Gore’s Orgy of Guilt that is “Live Earth.”  All the bands listed suck with the exception of Snow Patrol (although they’re starting to suck now that old women who watch Gray’s Anatomy know who they are and more importantly now Snow Patrol know they’ll buy their music).  Seriously, it’s the who’s who of celebrity appearances (I.E. those that need to be seen to be remembered).  You guys have fun watching Annie Lennox and Bon Jovi.  I’ll be driving around my car listening to Oasis rock.

Here’s a funny quote from Noel Gallagher about how Live 8 wouldn’t work to eliminate third world debt (boy they were scraping the bottom of the barrel for a causet there)…


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