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Protect Criminal’s Rights…

Posted by americandust on February 22, 2007

So the College Republicans continue to push the envelope… you might remember their affirmative-action bake sales a while back, now they’re playing “find the illegal alien.” A student in the park will wear a name badge that says “illegal alien” while the contestants will wear INS badges. The CR’s say they’re doing it to promote discussion of illegal immigration, which regularly ranks in the top 3 of issues voters are concerned with.

I constantly battle prejudice in the classroom from students of mine who are blatantly racist against hispanics. I constantly tell them that those who have came here (even the illegal ones) are doing so to provide for their family and they ARE NOT taking any jobs you’d want anyway. I know, I’ve worked those jobs in the field and in the produce industry.

That being said, I have no problem with the CR’s tactic. None. The key is eliminating the racism while allowing for a love of our laws—laws that include what constitutes legal and illegal immigration.

What is hilarious is the predictable response by the likes of the ACLU and College Dems. Of course they’d be against it, but get they claim it’s hateful to “ridicule what is often a very traumatic experience.”

I guess cops and robbers needs to be banned as well. Afterall, getting chased by the cops for BREAKING THE LAW is very traumatic.

As if that wasn’t enough, the college Dems go on to say that College Republicans target their fellow students (at NYU I presume, not nationwide).

Excuse me? How many illegal aliens go to school at NYU????

And by the way, when did College Republicans become the great force for social satire and the true spirit of college rebellion?


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