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KWC nearly beats D-1 WKU

Posted by americandust on February 21, 2007

Back in the late 90’s and early 00’s, division 2 Kentucky Wesleayan College (my almamater) was dominating D-2 basketball. Six national championship games in a row, and a couple of titles. Of course no D-1 team will touch them back them. Now that KWC has hit hard times (2 losing seasons in a row, 11-15 record or so right now in D-2 games) the D-1 teams don’t mind playing them. Even in KWC’s current sad state they almost topped the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. Down three with 50 seconds left, KWC couldn’t catch up as WKU’s second team all-american prospect Courtney Lee led the toppers to 4 three pointers in the last minute and WKU won by 7.

You can bet WKU will not be scheduling KWC ever again.

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