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Thank You…

Posted by americandust on February 14, 2007

One of the things I’ve often lamented is the lack of conservative humor on T.V. Working with High schoolers like I do, you start to see how comedy gets ideas through their thick skin… kind of like wrapping a dog’s worm pill in raw uncooked bacon. Of course the problem is sometimes that your dog gets worms from eating raw uncooked bacon. The T.V. equivalent to that is the DAILY SHOW and to a less annoying degree, the COLBERT REPORT. Kids actually get their news from those two shows.

For years I’ve wanted to make a blog or a webpage that used humor to promote the conservative agenda. However, I’m just not that funny. Oh, I’m funny. Sharp too. All-around very observant guy as well. Also, I’m modest. And I’m practically the most patient guy on the planet. I just don’t have the time to see that little vision through…

That’s were the producer of 24 steps into the picture. He’s making a right-wing version of the Daily Show.

Watch how quickly the liberals try to raise a fuss over this show to keep their little monopoly on satire.


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